Who’s The Inspector?

Lanny Freng

LannyMy name is Lanny Freng and I am the owner/inspector of this company.  It is important for me to keep the company small to ensure the best service for our clients.

I have been in the real estate industry for about 19 years. At this time I am also a certified real estate appraiser as well as a home inspector. I am married to Jennifer and we have 3 boys that are almost grown up. Currently, all my free time goes into building a cabin by ourselves on Lake Vermilion. When the time does allow I enjoy snowmobiling, bonfires, or a good documentary film.  I feel that hustle, good communication, and making people feel comfortable about their new purchase are very important factors in running a successful home inspection business.

There is no better feeling than giving you peace of mind when buying a home.  Feel free to contact me to discuss your home inspection needs.

Lanny Freng C.H.I