Another summer project checked off the list!

We bought a foreclosed house and the old firepit was in disrepair. We love our bonfires so I though I would do it up good. Went with a 16 ft radius circle so when the fire is a little too hot you can back your chair up and get away a bit. All together I would say this cost me in the range of about $700.00 for materials. I have to thank the Nielsens’ for the field stone :). I am guessing I spent about 30 hours or so in labor. When I originally laid the pavers I had sand between them and below but when it rained hard right after I finished the water came down the grade and across the pit and washed out the back 2-3 feet of it. I had to dig all that sand out with a screw driver and shop vac, relevelĀ and replace it with sifted class 5 crushed rock which binds much better. Also put in the landscape edging so that will divert the water around the pit if it happens again. I think it turned out better than I had anticipated….

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