Boat Project 2

I have to track down some odds and end pieces for the trailer reassembly but it is basically ready to go. Once I get that put together it is time to bring the new boat up and start working on that. After a lot of looking on Craigslist I picked up a 1977 18′ Lund Big Resorter from a guy in Bloomington. He was going to restore it for his kid but he never got around to it. I paid $550 for it which may have been a little more than I wanted but I didnt have to gut a boat and it came with two nice swivel seats which probably saved me $100 there. Here is a pic of it when I got it home.

I brought it down to the boat launch and backed it into the water with the trailer on to make sure it didnt leak. I found one tiny little leak but almost not even worth fixing. It has been back behind my house for the summer but due to summer coming to an end I am trying to get on the painting of it ASAP so I dont have to heat my garage for 4 days while it cures. I flipped it over and started on the exterior of the hull first. I used a stripper from Zinger that he had left over from stripping his aluminum mountain bike frame. Basically painted it on and it did the work for the most part. I used a nylon bristle brush to help it along. It worked great for the upper portion of the sides but the lower portion had some kind of paint that wasnt having it. I went back to the Norton Rapid Strip and also a wire rotary brush for around the rivets. That did the trick. Here are a couple of shots during the process.

Next up will be getting it up to the garage and buffing out all the swirl marks from the stripper. That is where I am at so far. I will add to this as I get some more pictures. Hopefully have the trailer all put back together and a final pic of that up later in the week.

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