Boat Project 3

Still plugging along on the boat project. Slower than I would like but starting t make some headway. The trailer is basically finished aside from attaching the fenders. Turned out real nice.

The next big project was to install braces in the gunwhales to stabilize the side walls. The boat is an 18′ and originally had benches that went across the boat to reinforce the sides. I fabricated some braces out of 1/8′ aluminum and riveted them in. That made a big difference.
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The front deck was the next up and I riveted together some 1″ angle aluminum and made a nice size fishing deck and a small deck for the trolling motor mount. I will have a 3/4′ plywood deck covered in epoxy in fiberglass for longevity over the three decks. Here is a pick of the completed front deck and the battery/charger rack.

I picked up a 3 bank 10 amp charger that will be permanently installed under the front fishing deck. This has a plug in that you throw and extension cord on and will recharge all the batteries at once. Will be a real convenient feature.

Craigslist you came in handy again! I put a post on there asking if anybody had a side console they wanted to sell. 1 day is all it took and someone emailed me out of Roseville with one for $30. A great find. was not looking forward to fabricating one. It will have to be stripped down and repainted but should work out great.

Next up is to work on the back deck and getting the gas tank installed. More pics to come!

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