Boat Project 1

I will be posting pics as I go with my boat project. I will try and detail what I did and how it all worked out. If you have any questions about anything feel free to drop me an email.

I have wanted a boat for a long time but never had the space to store it and really didnt feel like dropping $3-$4,000 on a decent boat. Well the wheels started turning and I came up with a plan to basically start from scratch and build one how I want it. This all depended on a the perfect storm coming together. Once upon a time a couple of cousins were sitting around a camp fire on Lake Vermillion and Old Blue came up. For those of you that don’t know Old Blue was an old roughly 1964 Gulf something or other fiberglass boat that cousin Gabe owned and used for building his cabin. Basically a utility boat for going back and forth to the dock. (they are building a cabin on an island on Lake Vermillion). She wasnt the most beautiful of boats but it floated. We got to talking and Gabe was willing to let Old Blue go for cheap to a family member. Since Jen had no interest in a boat I was the next best thing. What I was really after was the motor and trailer. Old Blue was given away to a guy in Apple Valley that had high hopes for it. He didnt have a lot of money to spend on a boat and I had one that fit the bill. Here is a pic of it in all its glory…


The trailer was in good structural condition and the motor is a 1991 Evinrude 70 hp outboard. My number one goal in getting a boat was to have a motor that runs good. Having a great boat with a POS motor doesn’t do you much good. Nothing worse than planning on a great day out and instead find yourself paddling back to shore or flagging someone down to pull you in. This motor ran good and started consistantly. For the money I couldnt pass it up.

Trailer Restoration:








If your going to have a good looking boat you better not be putting it on a rusty old trailer. I pulled the whole trailer apart and sand blasted it and most of the brackets. I even did the rims on it. Messy job that I would only want to do once in my life. I would recommend bringing it in and having someone else do it. You wont save much money doing it yourself. Here it is all blasted and taken apart…

I had to touch it up with a Norton Rapid Strip brillo wheel on my angle grinder. Be careful with these, I caught the thing on a corner and it tightened so far down on my angle grinder I could not get it off. It ended up stripping the locking pin out and I was off to buy a new one. Lesson learned! I got everything down to bare metal and set up a paint booth in the garage. I primed the trailer with Kustom Shop Epoxy Primer.

After that was done I let it dry for two days just to be safe. I followed that up with a basic Gloss Black Rustoleum Paint. I could have gone with a higher quality acrylic enamel or something along those lines but its a boat trailer and it will eventually rust. This way I can do a quick sand job on any emerging rust and hit with a spray can of Rustoleum and she is good as new. No need to break out HVLP guns to touch it up. I did use an HVLP gun with the primer and sprayer so I didnt have to go through $100 worth of cans and the epoxy primer does not come in a spray can so I was somewhat forced to. It went on real easy, could of used a little bigger air compressor but it did the job if I took my time. Here it is painted…

I sanded down the bunk rollers and did them with a spray can. I used some rust converter on these as they were real awkward to sand and kind of a pain because the rollers did not come off. They probably wont last as long but pretty easy to re spray down the road.

Finished pic of the bunk rollers, rims, and leaf springs.


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