Buyer Beware of that newly remodeled home!

I do inspections for buyers using NACA (Neighborhood Assistance Corporation of America) which helps the “working person” with the financing of their home purchase. I did an inspection on a North Minneapolis home for a single woman using this program. The last thing this buyer wanted is surprises and having to cough up money for issues that they were not made aware of. This home was pretty much a complete remodel which is not uncommon in this area. Unfortunately the investors that did the remodel didn’t do a great job. When all was said and done I had taken over 80 pictures of defects and issues that were not addressed with the home before the remodel and after the remodel. Just because a home looks real nice and tidy doesn’t mean it is a healthy home.

The fortunate thing that happens when buyers are going through NACA to purchase these homes is that NACA will go through the inspection and detail what issues they want resolved before they will close on the home. Mostly the issues that they will require to be fixed come down to the three S’s… Safety, Security, Soundness. Many of the issues that we find will be required by NACA to be fixed which can potentially save the buyer thousands of dollars. The sellers may not appreciate it but the buyers sure do! The moral of the story… get any house inspected no matter what it looks like in your eyes. To a home inspector it may look completely different and could be loaded with problems that may not rear their head for years to come.

A NACA inspection definitely takes more time due to the documentation/report that they require but in the end I am helping out a person that can’t afford to have anything overlooked and almost all are completely thrilled with the results they get. It is a good feeling knowing you are protecting a buyer that in the past may have been walked all over in these situations.

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