Does Your Inspector Have What It Takes?

In Minnesota, there are no licensing requirements. If you wanted to tomorrow you could start your own company and call yourself an inspector. When trying to find an inspector make sure they are qualified! The following is a list of my qualifications and continuing education courses that I have attended.

  • Member in good standing of the “American Society of Home Inspectors” (Certified ASHI #258684)
  • I abide by ASHI’s Code of Ethics/SOP
  • MN Radon License #000035, NRPP Certified #107506-RT

I have completed the following certified courses:

  1. NACHI’s “Residential Plumbing Overview”
  2. NACHI’s “Structural Issues for Home Inspectors”
  3. NACHI’s “Electrical Inspection”
  4. NACHI’s “Roofing Inspection”
  5. NACHI’s “Standards of Practice” exam
  6. NACHI’s Online Inspector Exam
  7. NACHI’s “Code of Ethics Obstacle”
  8. NACHI’s “Safety Practices”
  9. NACHI’s “TPR Valve Discharge Pipe”
  10. NACHI’s “Polybutylene Plumbing”
  11. NACHI’s “Vermiculite Insulation”
  12. NACHI’s “Emergency Exit”

I have completed the following courses for continuing education:

    1. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Structural Components”
    2. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Roofing and Insulation”
    3. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Exteriors and Interiors”
    4. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Heating Systems”
    1. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Electrical”
    2. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Plumbing”
    3. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Technology for Home Inspectors”
    4. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Home Inspections-A guide to the Basics”
    5. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: The Inspection and Valuation”
    6. ProSource/Kaplan’s “Residential Building Analysis: Cooling and Air Exchanger Ventilation”

I have remodeled two houses including; new roof, new siding, new bathrooms, hardwood floors, ceramic tile, plumbing, electrical panels and branch circuits, new decks, new windows, remodeled kitchens, moved walls, finished two basements, new doors, and on and on… Not one cent was paid to contractors for the work done. Best way to learn it…. do it yourself.