What You Get With Inspection Werx

Home Inspector Lakeville MN | Bloomington Minnesota & Twin Cities

If you are looking for the cheapest & fastest inspector that provides a report on site I am not that Home Inspector. I do charge slightly more than some for the following reasons:

  • I am a member of the Better Business Bureau (BBB)
  • I am a Certified Home Inspector.
  • I have a 99.2% client satisfaction rating.
  • I am exremely thorough.
  • I take my time.
  • I offer a computer generated report with photos embedded in it.
  • My reports are very easy to read.
  • I am always available for questions.
  • I will educate you about the systems of the home.
  • I schedule weekend inspections
  • I wont leave until all your questions are answered.
  • I offer emailed reports.
  • I have an electronic “Supra” key to access the properties.
  • First time buyers love working with me.
  • I offer maintenence tips in addition to the defects.